Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Love Dita.

For this evenings' inspiration of fashion, sophistication and timeless beauty, I present my love of Dita Von Teese's style. Timeless, femme fetale, chic, pure, and true to style, not to trend.  I'm finishing up a really cute and exotic bridal hat (which I will post tomorrow after I post to my Etsy shop :), and I was so truly inspired by Dita. Here are a couple of my favorite looks by her's truly!

Friday, April 8, 2011

J'adore to a Beautiful Bride!

I absolutely love when I can work with a bride who has a unique vision for her special day.  I had made this piece originally for a stylish holiday or valentines day wedding look.  The bride that contacted me for a custom order (above) wanted this in a creamy ivory satin, French merry widow veiling and a crystal feather brooch instead. I was totally excited and up for the challenge of a new creation.  I think that is what really has driven me to start my own small business; because I LOVE working with people, and creating something for them that they can't find anywhere else! I love the creativity behind every brides idea, and how they see themselves on that special day.  Everyone is different and I love it!

Thanks Arielle for your inspiration, and I'm so excited to see this on you on your special day. You'll be gorgeous! It made me want to take a plane to Paris and take a hot air balloon ride!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Art Deco Opulence!

The Roaring 20's! Jazz, bubbly, dancing the night away.... What better event to create a wonderful nostalgic moment than with the glamour and chic style of the 1920's? The element of this style are timeless, and can be mixed with other looks as well. Chic-ness goes a long way! The bridal headpiece/veil I've just created (above) made me fall in love with this era all over again. 

This piece is 2 in one, wear the entire piece for the ceremony, then remove the veil for a most stylish, gorgeous, fashion forward headpiece!

Hand painted gold leaf leaves are adorned with beautiful ivory saddle feathers with light gold flecks in them. So beautiful! Hand sewn tulle bloom with beautiful hand sewn ivory pencil edging for an organic and feminine detail. This piece is beautifully attached to a silver bridal comb; easy to place on any hairstyle.
This piece is beautiful for the fashion forward bride, with a vintage modern twist, or for a gorgeous retro style event! 


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ode To Paris Retro Modern teardrop bridal headpiece with merrywidow veiling- Ode To Chanel! Fresh Spring Bridal Style!

What better way to start my first blog post than with an Ode to Chanel, and what's happening on the Paris runways for Spring 2011. I've fallen in love with wedding fashion, brides and bridal style ever since I started planning my own wedding.... The fashion is more adventurous, and brides can be as luxurious and as fabulous as they've always dreamed! Shouldn't every woman have that feeling everyday? Well of course dahling! Lets start now!

With that said, here is some of the inspiration behind my bridal creations for my beloved shop,
A. Lozano Couture, Bridal Millinery and Accessories.