Friday, April 8, 2011

J'adore to a Beautiful Bride!

I absolutely love when I can work with a bride who has a unique vision for her special day.  I had made this piece originally for a stylish holiday or valentines day wedding look.  The bride that contacted me for a custom order (above) wanted this in a creamy ivory satin, French merry widow veiling and a crystal feather brooch instead. I was totally excited and up for the challenge of a new creation.  I think that is what really has driven me to start my own small business; because I LOVE working with people, and creating something for them that they can't find anywhere else! I love the creativity behind every brides idea, and how they see themselves on that special day.  Everyone is different and I love it!

Thanks Arielle for your inspiration, and I'm so excited to see this on you on your special day. You'll be gorgeous! It made me want to take a plane to Paris and take a hot air balloon ride!

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